Sunday, December 19, 2010

Taiwan Yilan - Minsu

Minsu, in other words, is bed and breakfast.

Ah, this is my favourite!



《設計師的家》is one of the most popular Minsus around in taiwan. It's located in Yilan, just probably an hour or so car ride from taipei itself.

And if you're a big fan of taiwanese idol dramas, then this minsu, you should find it pretty familiar.


From the facade, it's a very modern, sophisticated looking building. oh, it is. haha


the side of the porch. Sit there, drink coffee, chit chat with you travelling buddies. ah~~ life is good! :)



view from a room, isn't the view itself a worthwhile stay at this place? I love it when you're away from the city, and really come close to nature. The padi fields, the blue sky....

then then... what about the interior?

IMG_0131 (3)
this is the dining area - for breakfast, lunch bla bla bla..

the living room

the stairs leading up to the rooms

my friend at one of the rooms' balcony. WOW to the skies behind her. heh

did i mention the minsu provides breakfast as well?
some of the stuff are made by the lady boss or grown in their backyard, i.e. the tomatoes. and it's not just nice looking, it's really enjoyable eating their breakfast.

btw, it was just about 7 of us during that staycation, we had the whole minsu to ourselves. ultimate shiokness! *dance*

i particularly love the soya bean drink (豆漿嗎?)which the lady boss made it herself, how did she do it? *shrugs.. i don't know....*

IMG_0123 (3)
i seriously don't know why, i didn't take a single shot of the room. *sigh* and none of friends did so tooo... but i did take video of it, lemme edit it and post it up sooooon. (you know about procrastination, don't ya?)

oh yes, Wu Chun (吳尊)from the taiwanese boyband (are they still considered boyband? more like manband) Fahrenheit (飛輪海)stayed in this room while shooting 《花樣少年少女》with S.H.E's Ella. so he kinda 'signed' in that room.

the rooms are really comfy, they provide the showering paraphernalias etc. okay, i need to get the video up, so you guys can see for yourself.

IMG_0141 (3)
one more photo to show they were together...

and now, let's head out!

padi fields!!! no way can you find this in Singapore


they grow watermelons too! should have stolen one, bring it back and make watermelon juices for ourselves! *evil thought* okay, stealing is not right.

one last photo for this post
i think this picture is beautifully taken. hahaha, not cos it's me! but, the simple pleasure of just cycling through the padi fields. My friend took it while she was in the Minsu, and me cycling.

oh, they do provide bikes for you to cycle round the area.

Ratings: 5/5

I really think this whole place is worth the place. Com'on the view itself is just fantastic, beautiful has become an understatement to describe the whole place.

I hear your thoughts, I wanna go tooooo!!! then go lar! =P

to see more, read more of the place, check it out yo! 設計師的家

nodding hearts the place!!!

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